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Stardew Valley’s lush world is brimming with secrets, and among them is the elusive Ancient Fruit. This mystical crop not only adds a unique charm to your farm but also brings in a substantial profit. In this guide, we’ll unearth the secrets behind cultivating Ancient Fruit and maximizing your farm’s potential.

What is Ancient Fruit?

Ancient Fruit is a crop in Stardew Valley that grows from Ancient Seeds. Once planted, it takes an entire season to mature but bears fruit every seven days thereafter. What makes it so valuable is its versatility and profitability, as it can be used to make artisan goods or sold directly for a high price.

Where to Find Ancient Seeds

To grow Ancient Fruit, you’ll first need to obtain Ancient Seeds. These can be found by:

  • Digging up Artifact Spots (worm tiles) throughout Stardew Valley.
  • Defeating monsters in the mines.
  • Fishing for treasure chests.
  • Donating certain artifacts to the museum, which rewards you with your first pack of Ancient Seeds.

Planting and Harvesting

Ancient Seeds can be planted in both the Spring and Summer. They take 28 days to mature, which means you need to plan your planting carefully. Once they reach maturity, they’ll produce fruit every week until the season changes to Winter.

Maximizing Growth

To ensure a steady and fruitful harvest, consider these tips:

  • Use a Greenhouse: Planting Ancient Seeds in the Greenhouse allows them to grow all year round, unaffected by the change of seasons.
  • Use Speed-Gro: This fertilizer can speed up the growth process, so you can reap the fruits of your labor sooner.
  • Plant Early: If you’re planting outside, do so early in the Spring to get as many harvests as possible before Winter.

Turning a Profit

Once you’ve harvested your Ancient Fruit, you can:

  • Sell it directly for a base price of 550g (825g with the Tiller Profession).
  • Turn it into Wine or Jelly for even greater profits.
  • Save some fruits for seeds to expand your crop in the next season.

Crafting Ancient Seeds

Don’t forget you can turn your harvested Ancient Fruit into more seeds using the Seed Maker. This will help you multiply your crop without the need to find more seeds in the wild.


Ancient Fruit is one of the most coveted crops in Stardew Valley for a good reason. With patience and strategic planning, it can become a cornerstone of your farming empire. So get those seeds in the ground, and watch as your farm thrives with the magic of Ancient Fruit!

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